The Great War Collage

Commemoration of the Anzac Centenary 2014-2018

Project Mission:
  1. Preserve our Australian WW1 military photographic history. By recording Anzac photos and Identifying Diggers from the first A.I.F. who fought in the Great War 1914-1919.
  2. Encourage Australian Historical Societies, RSL Sub Branches, Country Towns, Districts, and City Councils should have their own Digger A.I.F. WW1 Photo Collection ready for the Commemoration of the Anzac Centenary which starts August 2014.
  3. Display Stands around the Country to help find and Identify Digger WW1 photo collections. Each photo board display will have a collage of digger photos front and back in different formats. Galleries will be categorized and each image numbered for identification purposes.
  4. A lot of the older generation don't use computers and are not online. Displaying these boards around the country is one way to connect them back with the community.
  5. Connect the Young to the Old. Placing identified WW1 photo collections is only a small contribution by a few. Having the local Historical Societies around the nation build their own War Collages would connect their community. Stories from School Children could be composed and presented back to the families of known identified diggers.
  6. Unknown Photos would have a better chance of being identified from the old who never really get on computers. They would rather get out of the house and look at a exhibition at their local town hall or library.

Plate No1.

The Great War Collage - Plate 1

Plate No2.
The Great Wall Collage