Our Mission

Help record the history

To make sure your Digger photos and text are preserved properly we would like to see them placed into the following government departments and history associations:
  1. The National Archives of Australia
  2. The Australian War Memorial
  3. Australian Army History Unit
  4. Australian World War One Associations

The National Archives of Australia hold the WW1 Service Records. They are now digitalised and online to view and print off for research purposes. A new project on their website called Mapping our Anzacs has a scrapbook section that helps place a identified photo with a WW1 Service Record.

The Australian War Memorial already have a huge collection of photos from the Great War. But they are missing many photos and text that you and I have in our photo albums. Sadly some are starting to disappear. Their project a little hard to find is called Roll of Honour Photographs Only the deceased are recorded.

Australian Army History Unit produces books and articles concerning Australian military history. I'm sure some photos from your collections could still be used in up coming unit publications. Anzacsonline.net.au

Australian World War One Associations are always on the lookout for new members and more research material on the A.I.F. (Australian Imperial Forces). In the last seven years I have found these associations to be the best for preserving your military history.

The Australian Society of WW1 Aero Historians Inc.
(FFFAIF) Friends & Family of the First AIF
(ALH) Australian Light Horse