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Books on WW1

World War One Books General

The Routledge Atlas of the First World War: by Martin Gilbert [ISBN 0-415-28508-
ANZAC an Illustrated History 1914-1918: by Richard Pelvin [ISBN: 1-74066-142-7]
The Battlefields of the First World War: by Peter Barton [ISBN: 1-74166-060-2]
The First World War in Photographs: by Richard Holmes [ISBN 1-74150-812-6]
A photographic History World War I: by R.Hamilton [ISBN: 978-1-4054-5616-6]
Great Battles of World War One: by Anthony Livesey [ISBN: 1-86155-663-2]
From Home Front to the Front Line: by Juan Mahony [ISBN: 0-9579696-0-0]
Tactics, Training and Technology: by Dennis [ISBN 978-0-9803796-7-9]
The Experience of World War I: by J.M.Winter [ISBN: 0-86288-333-4]
The Battle of Anzac Ridge: by Peter Williams [ISBN: 1-876439-95-5]
Diggers in France: by Richard Travers [ISBN: 978-0-7333-2342-3]
Battles of WWI: by Martin Marix Evans [ISBN 978-1-7418-2712-5]
The Australian Flying Corps: by F.M.Cutlack [ISBN 1-843429-12-8]
World War I, Day by Day: by Peter Darman [ISBN: 1-84013-673-1]
The Spirit of Gallipoli: by Patrick Lindsay [ISBN: 1-74066-388-8]
Gallipoli Revisited; by Janda Gooding [ISBN: 978-1-74066-755-4]
World War I, Day by Day: by Alex Hook [ISBN: 1-84013-696-0]
With Guts and Bayonets by Yves Fohlen [ISBN: 1-876439-32-7]
The Great War: by Les Carlon [ISBN:-13 978-1-4050-3761-7]
The Somme: by Peter Barton [ISBN:-13 978-1-84529-399-4]
Horseman, Pass By: by Lindsay Baly [ISBN: 0-7318-1174-7]
First World War: by H.P.Willmott [ISBN: 1-4053-0029-9]
Fromelles: by Patrick Lindsay [ISBN: 978-1-74066-511-7]
The Big Guns: by Lynette Oates [ISBN: 1-876439-11-4]
Quinn's Post: by Peter Stanley [ISBN: 1-74114-332-2]
Diggers in France: by Richard Travers [ISBN: 9780733323423]
Over the Top: by H.G.Hartnett [ISBN: 9781742370002
Somme Mud: by E.P.F.Lynch [ISBN: 9781741668940]
Australians at War: by Peter Cochrane [ISBN 0-7333-0917-8]
Australians at War: by A.K.Macdougal [ISBN 1-86503-608-X]

Time Life Books

Australians at War, Gallipolli: by Kit Denton [ISBN 0-949118-04-4]
Australians at War, Royal Australian Navy: by Alun Evans [ISBN 0-949118-24-9]
Australians at War, The Australian Light Horse: by Ian Jones [ISBN 0-949118-06-0]
Australians at War, Western Front 1916-1917: by John Laffin [ISBN: 0-949118-21-4]
Australians at War, Western Front 1917-1918: by John Laffin [ISBN: 0-949118-20-6]

Battlefield Guide Books

(B/Europe) In the Footsteps of the Red Barron: by Mike OConner [ISBN: 1-84415-087-9]
(B/Europe) Fromelles, French Flanders: by Peter Pederson [ISBN: 0-85052-928-X]
(Batteground Europe) Pozieres, Somme: by Graham Keech [ISBN: 0-85052-589-6]
(Batteground Europe) Bullecourt, Arras: by Graham Keech [ISBN: 0-85052-652-3]
(Batteground Europe) Polygon Wood, Ypres: by Nigel Cave [ISBN: 0-85052-606-X]
(Batteground Europe) Messines Ridge, Ypres: by Peter Oldham [ISBN: 0-85052-624-8]
(Batteground Europe) Hill 60, Ypres: by Nigel Cave [ISBN: 0-85052-559-4]
(Batteground Europe) Hamel, Somme: by Peter Pederson [ISBN: 0-85052-938-7]
(Batteground Europe) The Hindenburg Line: by Peter Oldham [ISBN: 0-85052-568-3]
(Batteground Europe) Gallipoli: by Nigel Cave [ISBN:]
Pilgrimage: by Garrie Hutchinson [ISBN: 1-86395-387-6]
Walking with the Anzacs: by Mat McLachlan [ISBN: 978-0-734409-07-2]
Exploring Gallopolli: by Lieutenant Colonel Glenn Wahlert [ISBN: 098047535-X]

Books on Weapons and Equipment

First World War Tanks: by E. Bartholomew [ISBN: 978-0-8526-3799-9]
The Landships of Lincoln: by Richard Pullen [ISBN: 9781873257791]
Track Prints: by Richard Pullen [ISBN: 978-1-873257-99-9]
Beyond the Green Fields: by Richard Pullen [ISBN: 978-1-873257-92-0]
British Mark I tank 1916: by David Fletcher [ISBN: 978-1-84176-689-8]
British Artillery 1914-19: by Dale Clarke [ISBN: 1-84176-788-3]
Machine Guns of World War I: by Robert Bruce [ISBN: 978-1-84797-032-9]
British Artillery Weapons & Ammunition: by I.V.Hogg [ISBN: 7110-0381-5]
German Artillery of World War One: by Herbert Jager [ISBN: 9781-1-86126-403-9]

Miscellaneous Titles

Caesar the Anzac Dog: by Patricia Stroud [ISBN:]
Vets of the War: by Ian.M.Parsonson [ISBN: 1-876439-94-7]
Animal Allies: by Ross Pearson [ISBN: 1876439505]
Beyond the Myth: by Geoffrey Barr [ISBN:]
Heroes before Gallipolli: by Kevin Meade [ISBN:]
First to Damascus: by Jill, Dutchess of Hamilton [ISBN:]
Victoria Cross: by Anthony Staunton [ISBN:]

World War One Biographies

JAKA VC: by Macklin [ISBN:]
Neville Howse VC: [ISBN:]
Pompey Elliott: by Ross McMullin [ISBN:]
The PALADIN: (Maj-Gen Sir John Gellibrand) [ISBN:]
Sir James Whiteside McCay: by Christopher Wray [ISBN:]
MONASH the outsider who won a war: by Roland Perry [ISBN:]
A Soldiers Soldier: (Lt-Gen Sir Carl Jess) by Ron Austin [ISBN:]
Bowler of Gallipolli: (Lt-Col Bower) by Frank Glen [ISBN: 1-876439-82-3]
Anzac Digger: (Sapper Howard Denning) by Denning [ISBN: 1-876439-79-3]
To Villers-Bretonneux: (Gen-Glasgow) by Peter Edgar [ISBN: 1-876439-46-7]
He Came from Australia: (Percy Ralph) by Yves Fohlen [ISBN: 1-876439-24-6]
Winning with Intelligence: (John Rodges) by Judy Thomson [ISBN: 1-876439-43-2]
Lionheart: (Maj-Gen Talbolt Hobbs) by David Coombes [ISBN: 978-0-9803796-2-4]
No Ordinary Determination: (Harry Murry VC) by Jeff Hatwell [ISBN: 9781920-731410]

World War One Unit Histories

Divisions & Brigades

(1st Inf. Bde.) Imperishable Anzacs: by H.W.Cavill [ISBN:]
(2nd Inf. Bde.) The White Gurkhas: by Ron Austin [ISBN: 0731653238]
(3rd Division.) Defenders of Australia: by Albert Palazzo [ISBN: 1-876439-03-3]

Infantry Battalions

(1st Inf. Bn.) The History of the First Battalion: [ISBN:]
(2nd Inf. Bn.) Nulli Secundas: by F.W.Taylor. [ISBN:]
(3rd Inf. Bn.) Randwick to Hargicourt: by Wren, Eric. [ISBN:]
(3rd Inf. Bn.) Platoon Commander's Notebook: by C.A.Young. [ISBN: 9780980379617]
(4th Inf. Bn.) The Fighting Fourth: by Ron Austin. [ISBN: 9780975835319]
(5th Inf. Bn.) Forward with the Fifth: by A.W.Keown. [ISBN:]
(6th Inf. Bn.) As Rough As Bags: by Ron Austin. [ISBN: 09579752957]
(6th Inf. Bn.) Bold Steady Faithful: by Ron Austin. [ISBN: 9780646152943]
(7th Inf. Bn.) Our Dear old Battalion: by Ron Austin. [ISBN: 0957975236]
(7th Inf. Bn.) The Seventh Battlion: by Dean. [ISBN: 1845747801]
(8th Inf. Bn.) Cobbers in Khaki: by Ron Austin. [ISBN: 0646290452]
(9th Inf. Bn.) Campaigning with the fighting 9th: by C.M.Wrench. [ISBN:]
(9th Inf. Bn.) From Anzac to the Hindenburg Line: by Harvey. [ISBN:]
(10th Inf. Bn.) The Fighting Tenth: by Lock. [ISBN: 1845747763]
(10th Inf. Bn.) Silent Voices: by Robert Kearney. [ISBN: 1741101751]
(10th Inf. Bn.) History of the 10th Battalion A.I.F: by Authur Limb. [ISBN:]
(11th Inf. Bn.) Legs Eleven: by Capt.Walter.C.Belford. [ISBN: 9781845748739]
(11th Inf. Bn.) Fremantle to France: by Ian Gill. [ISBN: 0975058800]
(11th Inf. Bn.) Game to the Last: by James Hurst. [ISBN: 0195553314]
(12th Inf. Bn.) The Story of the Twelfth: by L.M.Newton. [ISBN: 1876864001]
(13th Inf. Bn.) The History of the Thirteenth Battalion: by T.A.White. [ISBN:]
(14th Inf. Bn.) Jacka's Mob: by Edgar John Rule. [ISBN: 0646388037]
(14th Inf. Bn.) The History of the Fourteenth: by Newton Wanliss. [ISBN:]
(15th Inf. Bn.) History of the 15th Battalion A.I.F: by T.P.Chataway. [ISBN:]
(16th Inf. Bn.) The Old Sixteenth: by Cyril Longmore. [ISBN: 0859054098]
(16th Inf. Bn.) Bloody Angle: by Ian Gill. [ISBN: 9780975058817]
(17th Inf. Bn.) The Story of the Seventeenth Battalion: by Mackenzie. [ISBN:]
(21st Inf. Bn.) The Red and black diamond: by Neil.C.Smith. [ISBN: 94041294]
(21st Inf. Bn.) The Story of the Twenty-First: by A.R.MacNeil. [ISBN:]
(22nd Inf. Bn.) With the Twenty-Second: by E.Gorman. [ISBN: 0646411373]
(23rd Inf. Bn.) Forward Undeterred: by Ron Austin. [ISBN: 9780958529600]
(24th Inf. Bn.) The Red & White Diamond: by Harvey. [ISBN: 9781845748715]
(25th Inf. Bn.) Black over Blue: by Bob Doneley. [ISBN: 0949414794]
(27th Inf. Bn.) The Blue and Brown Diamond: by Lieut-Col.W.Dollman [ISBN:]
(28th Inf. Bn.) The 28th Battalion A.I.F: by Henry Kahan. [ISBN: 0859053911]
(28th Inf. Bn.) A record of War Service with the A.I.F: by H.Collett. [ISBN:]
(28th Inf. Bn.) The Blue &White Diamond: by N.Browning. [ISBN 0958067406]
(29th Inf. Bn.) Black and Gold: by Ronald Austin. [ISBN: 0646316508]
(30th Inf. Bn.) In all things faithful: by F.Wade- Ferrell. [ISBN: 0869170120]
(30th Inf. Bn.) The Purple and Gold: by H.Slone. [ISBN:]
(31st Inf. Bn.) Crossed Boomerangs: by Bob Burla. [ISBN: 1-876439-67-X]
(32nd Inf. Bn.) Second to None: by R.R.Freeman. [ISBN: 9781921008351]
(33rd Inf. Bn.) Never a Backwards Step: by Edwards. [ISBN:]
(34th Inf. Bn.) Short History of the 34th Battalion: by E. Beaver. [ISBN:]
(37th Inf. Bn.) The Thirty-Seventh: by N.McNicol. [ISBN: 9781845748609]
(38th Inf. Bn.) The Official History of the 38th Battalion: by E.Fairey. [ISBN:]
(39th Inf. Bn.) The Thirty-Ninth: by Alexander Thomas Paterson. [ISBN]
(40th Inf. Bn.) The Fortieth: by Frank Clifton Green. [ISBN: 9781847347305]
(41st Inf. Bn.) History of 41st Battalion: by J.W.Alcorn. [ISBN:]
(41st Inf. Bn.) The Forty-First: by F.W.MacGibbon. [ISBN:9781845748593]
(42nd Inf. Bn) Spirit of the Forty-Second: by Vivian Brahms [ISBN:]
(43rd Inf. Bn.) The Forty-Third: by B.H.Colliver. [ISBN:]
(44th Inf. Bn.) Eggs-a-cook: by Cyril Longmore. [ISBN: 9781845747770]
(44th Inf. Bn.) The Western Battalion: by N.Browning. [ISBN 0958067422]
(45th Inf. Bn.) The Chronicle of the 45th Battalion: by J.E.Lee. [ISBN: 1845747798]
(46th Inf. Bn.) We Were the 46th: by Ian Polanski. [ISBN: 0957762208]
(48th Inf. Bn.) The Story of a Battalion: by W.Devine [ISBN: 9781845747855]
(48th Inf. Bn.) Leane's Battalion: by Neville Browning. [ISBN 9780958067454]
(49th Inf. Bn.) Always Faithful: by Fred Cranston [ISBN: 0908175604]
(50th Inf. Bn.) Hurcombe's Hungry Half Hundred by R.Freeman [ISBN: 0909209499]
(51st Inf. Bn.) Fix Boyonets: by Neville Browning. [ISBN: 0646499068]
(51st Inf. Bn.) For King and Cobbers: by Neville Browning. [ISBN: 9780958067447]
(52nd Inf. Bn.) The 52nd Battalion AIF: by Neville Browning. [ISBN 0958067430]
(53rd Inf. Bn.) The Whale Oil Guards by J.JKennedy [ISBN: 1-845747-86-0]
(54th Inf. Bn.) Our Gift to the Empire: by Ross St.Clare. [ISBN: 0-646-45895-7]
(54th Inf. Bn.) The 54th Chronicles: by Denis.J.Chamberlain. [ISBN:]
(56th Inf. Bn.) Comrades of the Great Adventure: by Harold Roy Williams. [ISBN:]
(56th Inf. Bn.) The Gallant Company: 56th Battalion A.I.F: by H.R.Williams. [ISBN:]
(57th Inf. Bn.) Hold hard Cobbers: by Robin Corfield. [ISBN: 0646040987]
(57th Inf. Bn.) To the Last Ridge: by Walter Downing. [ISBN: 187598965X]
(58th Inf. Bn.) Give me back my dear old Cobbers. by R.Corfield. [ISBN 9781876586225]
(60th Inf. Bn.) Hold hard Cobbers: by Robin Corfield. [ISBN: 0646040987]

Light Horse & Camel Corps

(1st LH.R.) The Royal NSW Lancers: by P.V. Vernon. [ISBN: 0958889104]
(2nd LH.R.) The History of the 2nd LHR: by L.C.Wilson. [ISBN: 97818445747756]
(3rd LH.R.) Operations of the 3rd LH: by L.C.Wilson. [ISBN: 97818445747756]
(3rd LH.R.) Goodbye Cobber, God Bless You: by John Hamilton. [ISBN:]
(3rd LH.R.) 3rd LH AIF, 1914-1919: by Sir George Bell. [ISBN:]
(3rd LH.R.) The Story of the 3rd LH: by Frank Blackwell. [ISBN:]
(4th LH.R.) History of the 4th LH: by L.C.Wilson. [ISBN:]
(4th LH.R.) Men of Beersheba: The charges of the 4th LHR: by N.Smith. [ISBN:]
(4th LH.R.) Men of Beersheba: A History of the 4th LHR: by N.Smith. [ISBN:]
(5th LH.R.) History of the 5th LHR AIF: by L.C.Wilson. [ISBN:]
(6th LH.R.) Under Furred Hats: by G.L.Berrie. [ISBN: 9781843427100]
(7th LH.R.) The 7th LHR 1914-1919: by J.D.Richardson. [ISBN: 9781847349316]
(8th LH.R.) They Rode into History: by Max Emery. [ISBN: 9780975835388]
(9th LH.R.) With the Ninth LH in the Great War: by T.H.Darley. [ISBN: 9781845747718]
(10th LH.R.) Western Cavalry in the War: by A.C.N.Olden. [ISBN:]
(11th LH.R.) History of the 11th LHR: by Ernest Hammond. [ISBN:]
(12th LH.R.) Thunder of the Hooves: by Kenneth Hollis. [ISBN: 9780980379655]
(13th LH.R.) My Corps Cavalry: by Doug Hunter. [ISBN: 9780958529624]

Field Artillery

(1st F.A.Bde.) War Service Record of the First Artillery Brigade: by E.T.Dean. [ISBN:]
(1st F.A.Bde.) A History of A Battery: by E.T.Dean. [ISBN:]
(7th F.A.Bde.) 7th Field Artillery Brigade Yandoo: by E. Rohu. [ISBN:]
(27th Bat.) With the 27th Battery in France: by T.D.Bridger. [ISBN:]

Australian Flying Corps

(No.1 Sqd.) Aces and Kings: by L.W.Sutherland. [ISBN:]
(No.3 Sqd.) The Battle Below: by H.N.Wrigley. [ISBN:]
(No.4 Sqd.) Australian Airmen: by E.J.Richards. [ISBN:]

Engineers & Pioneers

(1st Fld.Com.) Sergeant Lawrence goes to France by Peter Yule. [ISBN:]
(3rd Fld.Com.) Purple Patches by T.H.Prince. [ISBN:]

Medical & Nursing Corps

(3rd Fld.Amb.) The Body Snatchers: by Sue and Ron Austin. [ISBN: 9780980637328]
(9th Fld.Amb.) Men of the Ninth: by Robert Likeman. [ISBN: 9780957975224]
(RAAMC) Little by Little: by Michael Tyquin. [ISBN: 1-876439-15-7]
(4th L.H.Amb.) Riders of Destiny: by Patrick M. Hamilton [ISBN:]

Other Units

(6th MGC.) In a Good Company: by W.A.Carne. [ISBN:]
(Cycle Cps.) Cycling to War: by Ron Austin. [ISBN: 9780975838340]
(AE2.) Stokers Submarine: by Fred & Elizabeth Brenchley. [ISBN: 073226703X]
(AE1.) AE1 Entombed but not Forgotten: by John Foster. [ISBN: 187643953X]
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