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Landing at Anzac Cove assault troops at Gaba Tepe 25th April 1915
Battle of the Nek offensive attack 3rd Light Horse, 7th August 1915.
Battle of Lone Pine offensive attack 6-10th August 1915.
John Simpson Kirkpatrick and his Donkey, Field Ambulance, Gallipoli May 1915.
Billy Sing Best Australian WW1 Soldier sniper during the Gallipoli Campaign
List of Australian Diarists of WW1
- Personal Stories of Soldiers experiences
Australian Naval & Military Expeditionary Force - Rabaul 1914
Battle of Beersheba - 31st October 1917
Australian Contribution Russia - 1918-1919

List of World War I Battles 1914-1918
- Western Front, Eastern Front, Gallipoli, Palestine, Italian
J.R.R. Tolkien  English Writter (Lord of the Rings) fought at the Somme, Lancashire Fusiliers
Tommy Atkins or Tommy is slang for common British soldier
Bugle Call - Short tune, Military Signal, Reveille
Broad Arrow - War Department, Board of Ordnance,

Sir John Monash - Commander of Australian Corps 1918
Count Alfred von Schlieffen - The Schlieffen Plan was to fight on two fronts, France and Russia
Erich Ludendorff - Battle of Liege and Tannenberg, Quartermaster General
Paul von Hindenburg - Battle of Tannenberg, Chief of General Staff
Oskar von Hutier - Michael Offensive 21st March-5th April 1918

Periscope Rifle Lance Corporal William Beech, Australian 2nd Battalion, May 1915.
William Scurry & Buntie Lawrence, Australian, Self-Firing Rifle November 1915.
Sir Hiram Stevens Maxim - Maxium Machine Gun, First Recoil-operated machine gun.
Rear Admiral Bradley Allen Fiske - Range Finder to aim naval guns & Aerial Torpedo
John Pedersen - Pedersen Device attachment magazine to make a rifle semi-automatic
Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin - German Airships
William Mills - the Mills Bomb Hand Grenade 1915
William Howard Livens - The Livens Projector & Livens Large Gallery Flame Projector

QF 18-Pounder - British Quick Firing Field Artillery
QF 4.5-inch Howitzer - British Quick Firing Field Artillery
BL 60-Pounder - British Heavy Field Artillery
BL 9.2-inch Howitzer - British Siege Howitzer, Counter Battery
BL 15-inch Howitzer - British Siege Howitzer
21cm Paris Gun - German Emplacement, Long Range Artillery
38cm SKL/45 Max - German Emplacement & Railway Artillery
42cm Gamma Morser - German Siege Howitzer, Emplacement Fort Killer
42cm M-Gerat (Big Bertha) - German Siege Howitzer, Mobile Fort Killer
List of Railway Artillery - World War I & II
Barrage (Artillery) - Standing, Box, Creeping, Rolling, Block
Shell (projectile) - High Explosive, Shrapnel, Gas, Smoke, Star

List of Royal Flying Corps Squadrons -
List of World War I Aircraft -
Frank McNamara (VC) -
Australian Flying Corps (AFC) - Established 1912-1921
Minchinhampton Airfield - Aston Down

Livens Large Gallery Flame Projector - British 56 ft long Flamethrower
Tanks in World War I - British Mk I-V Female/Male, Whippet, Gun Carrier Renault FT, A7V
Submachine Gun - Air cooled, Magazine fed, Semi-Fully Automatic, Carbine (Short)

ww1 diggers
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